Quality Chicken Producer and Supplier

Future Farms Pte Limited (trading as Rooster Poultry) is a fully integrated end-to-end livestock growing and processing company. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of BSP Life (Fiji) Ltd.

Rooster Poultry provides employment to more than 450 people, directly and indirectly supporting over 2,500 Fijians across 10 sites in Ba, Lautoka and Nadi. As a major commercial poultry grower, we operate based on our 7 values: Quality, Integrity, Professionalism, Leadership, Teamwork, Community, Vanua. We believe in developing the community and Vanua around us so that we can grow together.

The company adopts the Japanese quality circles approach, fostering ongoing improvement. This method promotes efficiency by avoiding unnecessary repetition. Quality circles empower our teams to brainstorm and generate ideas, ultimately leading to the development of projects that drive continuous enhancements within our business. These improvements encompass refining costing and processing methods, resulting in competitive product pricing for our consumers.